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The Clever Printing Blog
Weekly print inspiration

An insight into what we do and what makes us inspired, think and enjoy print.

Our regular blog is about clever printing techniques, ideas on formats, innovative uses of paper and lots of clever ideas for standing out and being noticed.

Printing machine

Litho versus digital: which print method is right for you?

The battle between offset lithography and digital print has been raging for decades. As a print management company, it’s our job to advise our clients about which of these print methods is best for them. Our network of print industry companies and contacts enable us to source the best print solutions for your needs, whether … Read more

printing blocks

A beginner’s guide to kerning

Kerning is one of those print design terms that you often hear thrown around, but is rarely used in a correct manner. Kerning is adjusting the space between individual characters in order to make it both visually pleasing and easy to read.

Digital print

A short history of digital print

We’ve recently seen the switch from mechanical to digital in many different industries, including the print sector. While ‘traditional’ print methods such as offset lithography still have their place in today’s print industry, the emergence of digital print over the last 25 years has had a huge impact on the world of print.