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The Clever Printing Blog
Weekly print inspiration

An insight into what we do and what makes us inspired, think and enjoy print.

Our regular blog is about clever printing techniques, ideas on formats, innovative uses of paper and lots of clever ideas for standing out and being noticed.

Print versus digital: which is the more environmentally sound?

Many business here in the UK and worldwide are making a conscious effort to reduce their inside and outside print processes, largely in the belief that doing so will result in significant environmental benefits.

Print marketing: how to cut costs without sacrificing effectiveness

‘Cost versus value’ is a consideration so common in the business world that it’s practically a mantra. Everything you do has to be thought of in terms of how much it’s likely to cost, and how much value the process is likely to bring to the business. Of course the Holy Grail is a solution … Read more

Schools: how to protect and develop your brand through print

Despite the rise of digital communication and branding, outside print remains a major factor for most schools, colleges and universities.