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The Clever Printing Blog
Weekly print inspiration

An insight into what we do and what makes us inspired, think and enjoy print.

Our regular blog is about clever printing techniques, ideas on formats, innovative uses of paper and lots of clever ideas for standing out and being noticed.

The best print ads of 2015 (so far)

In an era of big-budget TV and digital advertising, it’s easy to forget just how effective a carefully considered print advertisement can be. However, many of the world’s leading advertising agencies continue to develop innovative print advertisements for their clients – some of which are truly eye-catching. Print advertisements remain a way to turn heads, … Read more

Promotional products: where and when to use them

When most people think of print they immediately think ‘paper’, but of course this isn’t the only medium capable of carrying your marketing messages. Print can be used to apply your company’s logo and branding to all kinds of different items. We call these items promotional products. Promotional products can be highly effective marketing tools, offering greater … Read more

Going away this summer? Five reasons why print management will help you relax

We all know that it can be difficult to leave work behind, no matter how far you go to escape it. Even on the eve of a long-awaited and richly deserved holiday those little worries can sneak in uninvited. Did that project get finished? Are your tasks being covered? Will everyone else know what to … Read more