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The Clever Printing Blog
Weekly print inspiration

An insight into what we do and what makes us inspired, think and enjoy print.

Our regular blog is about clever printing techniques, ideas on formats, innovative uses of paper and lots of clever ideas for standing out and being noticed.

Print marketing: lessons from the London Underground

Advertising on the London underground exposes your brand to millions of daily users. What lessons can we learn from the recent crop of tube line posters?

Five ways to save money on print procurement

Print procurement can be expensive, but you need to source ink, paper and other vital print products and services from somewhere. Procurement is one of the key areas we examine when conducting print inspections for our prospective clients – it’s an area where your business can save a lot of time and money. Here are … Read more

Inside print: revitalising your admin

Inside print refers to business admin and communication – it includes your internal accounting processes, training materials, break room posters and any other forms of communication you hand out within your business. How can print management help to revitalise your business admin?