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Print Management Company of the Year. 3 years running.

Learn a little bit more about PMG and what makes us, us.

You don’t win an award 3 years running without being awesome. Here at PMG the cleverest thing we do is build great relationships, with each other and with our clients. We’re dedicated to developing our people, our processes and your business.

Through all the products, papers, inks, printing presses, folds and fancy finishes, it all comes down to our relationship with you. This is the single most important thing at PMG. We want you to be raving fans of our company and to tell everyone. You’ll only do that if we’re lovely to work with and make your life easier. So, we’re all dedicated to being peopley people.

You never stop learning, and with an ever-changing industry you need to keep up. PMG are always at school, learning about new innovations, finishes, printing presses and ways to save money. Only then can we use this knowlege to give you even more clever choices for your print. Every single one of us loves to learn, and we’re all pretty uncool swots when it comes down to it.

Well, when you’ve won ‘Print Management Company of the Year’ three years running it’s only fair to shout about it. We all work really hard at maintaining a clever and productive environment at PMG. The IPIA recognised us for all our hardwork, systems, processes and results. So a little trumpet blowing and champagne toasting doesn’t go amiss.

We go to worrying lengths to make sure your print is managed perfectly. Recommending the right colours, the right paper and the right finishing techniques is important to us. For us, sharing our nerdy knowledge is what
Clever Print Management is all about. That’s why we’ve set up The University of Print, our resource for all things clever in print.

If you’ve been told that paper making destroys forests, then think again, In Europe, where 94% of the paper we use comes from, the area of forest cover is actually increasing by an area 4 times the size of London every year! Paper, from this expanding resource, is a truly renewable, recyclable and powerful material.

Many print projects can be complex and have a number of processes which take different lengths of time to complete. PMG are here to ensure that your project runs smoothly, so behind the scenes we continue to manage your job and ensure everything goes to plan. Even when a crisis happens, you can rely on us to get your project back on track.