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The Clever Printing Blog
Weekly print inspiration

An insight into what we do and what makes us inspired, think and enjoy print.

Our regular blog is about clever printing techniques, ideas on formats, innovative uses of paper and lots of clever ideas for standing out and being noticed.

Does colour really have the impact that designers would have you believe?

It’s likely you’ve heard about colour psychology even if you don’t work in marketing. You know, red is fiery and passionate, blue is calming, green evokes nature and new beginnings. (If you haven’t heard about it, and want to read more, our latest PMG blog gives you a brief insight into the colour green and … Read more

Colour theory – green: new life, or envy?

Colour is often the first thing marketers think about when they start to create collateral. Whether they are led by brand guidelines or have free rein to be as creative as possible, colour is a critical part of the overall impression a piece of printed material will make.   There’s lots of theory behind the … Read more

Data is the key to unlocking the ROI of your next print campaign

Many businesses tell us they don’t have much customer data, but as data is the key to unlocking the ROI of your next print campaign, it’s time to look again at what insights your company might be unwittingly sitting on.   Spray and pray versus divide and conquer   You’re likely to be familiar with … Read more

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