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The University of Print is run by our award winning Clever Print Management team, providing expert advice, tips and seminars on how to be clever with print. Sign up below to receive monthly tips straight to your inbox, and watch out for our printed journals soon.

Have you ever wondered if jpeg is the best image format?

From brainier briefs to smarter artwork, The University of Print is here to guide you through the maze of print techniques, finishes, stocks, colours and much more. If you’ve ever wondered why it’s called a wet proof, why it’s a french fold or whether to supply an exhibiton stand at half size or not, then enrol today and start learning from the Clever Print Management team.

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PostageEnvelopes, personalisation and postage categories.

Data Files, Compression & CleansingLearn the jargon.

Direct MailLearn the basics – plus how to get better results!

Proofing & TerminologyLearn about the most common types of proofs available.

FontsDo you know the difference between ‘serif fonts’ and ‘sans serif fonts’? Also learn about tracking and kerning.

Folding & BindingMuch like the Japanese art of origami, all papers can be folded in different ways to make different formats. We will teach you the most common folds and ways to bind documents.

Finishing TouchesGet to know about the different techniques available. Learn the difference between lamination and encapsulation or foiling and embossing.

LabelsA label is not just a label. Learn about the different applications that require the use of different types of self-adhesive labels.

Paper & the EnviromentAs the environmental debate has gathered momentum, so have the myths and misconceptions of the paper industry.

Paper & PrintGet to know your paper sizes, your matt from your silk & your gloss from your uncoated.

Print ColoursDid you know full colour printing is actually a trick played on the brain and the eye? Learn about Four Colour Process (CMYK), pantone colours, tints and resolutions.

Print ProcessLearn about different print processes including litho, web, digital, gravure, flexo & screen. This module will give you an insight into how we choose the right process for the job.